Campaign in Poland 1939 is a previously classified analysis by U.S. military strategists at the Department of Military Art and Engineering, United States Military Academy, into the German invasion of Poland in September 1939. Included are maps showing the troop movements and engagements over the course of the four week conflict that ended with a conquered Poland. To learn more or to purchase click here Amazon




The German Fifth Column in Poland by the Polish Ministry of Information exposes the treachery of the German population living inside Polish borders but lending clandestine assistance in September 1939 to the invading German Army. To learn more or to purchase this book click here Amazon




German Occupation of Poland was published by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the first years of the war. It exposed for the first time to the world community the dire conditions in Nazi-occupied Poland—the summary executions of civilians, eviction of Poles from their homes, the closing of schools, synagogues, universities and the forced relocation of Jews into ghettoes. To learn more or to purchase click here Amazon




The Mass Extermination of Jews in German Occupied Poland was written by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a peal to the world community to save Polish Jews from the Nazis. To learn more or purchase click here Amazon




Trying to Stop a War in 1939 is a compendium of communications exchanged between the political and diplomatic representatives of Great Britain, Poland, Germany and Russia in the year leading up to the German invasion of Poland in September 1939. Originally published by the British Foreign Office as a testament to its extraordinary diplomatic efforts to rein in Hitler’s territorial ambitions, this voluminous collection of speeches, communiqués, cables, letters, messages and notes has been faithfully reproduced verbatim. Only explanatory headings have been added to help the reader easily find the pertinent individuals or subject matters of interest. For more information or to purchase click here Amazon


Should Great Britain Go to War–for Czechoslovakia? was written by the Slovak Council in 1937 as “an appeal to British common sense for the sake of World Peace.” For more information or how to purchase click here  Amazon